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Our purpose and giving back

At Universal Potential we want to change the world, through helping people become their best selfs. We believe that people are meant for amazing, impactful lives and that once you have become this best version of yourself, the world will be a better place for it. Moreover, we wish to support the planet by planting 5 trees for each course sold and an additional 3 for each course sold through a referral. This way, we kickstart the positive impact of our members and give back to the world.

About us: Over

About us

So who are we? Why did we start this course and how can we help you become the best version of yourself? I am excited to introduce to you Andrew Beard- creator and co-founder of the Meaning Manifesto and Kwinten Kramer- co-founder and marketing specialist:


Andrew Beard

Co Founder & Coach

For over 10 years Andrew has been a dedicated student and practitioner of personal growth both for himself and others from his family to his colleagues. 
On the advise of a late colleague, Andy Nimmo (who we feature in the Meaning Manifesto) Andrew read his first performance psychology book; “The Inner Game of Golf” by Timothy Gallwey. This quickly led to a passion for improvement and growth that burns ever stronger. 
Andrew is a certified coach and having manifested the dream to bring his skills, passion, and purpose to help others expand their potential he decided to Co-Found Universal potential.
“I believe passionately in the infinite potential of everyone and I hope that with the courses and content we will be producing I can play my part in helping to positively change the course of humanity at a time when the World has never been more in need of human beings transcending themselves”.

Kwint Kramer

Co-founder & Marketing Specialist

Hi, my name is Kwinten Kramer and I joined Universal Potential because of it's enormous potential to change people's lives for the better. So often you see people settling for an 'okay' life, spending most of their time doing something they do not really love and if I can contribute to changing that, I am beyond joy. Therefore I will be using my background in marketing to impact as many lifes as possible.

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