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Slime Rancher: VR Playground Download ^HOT^ Install

Working together with Monomi Park, we have created a fun new way to experience the Far, Far Range! The Slime Rancher: VR Playground is a free DLC update to Slime Rancher available now on Steam. Explore unique VR playgrounds based off of popular locations in the Far, Far Range and get face-to-face with some of your favorite slimes like: pink, tabby, and phosphor.

Slime Rancher: VR Playground Download Install

One thing that has transferred well into the VR is the very vibrant world and slimes. The visual presentation is very strong with all the bold colours really popping inside the Vive. These are then mixed with the nice relaxing music and the fun sounds of slime ranching, to keep you relaxed and immersed in these little playground areas. 350c69d7ab


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