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Bendy And The Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first person survival that resembles several cartoons in the 1920s to 1940s. The player plays as Henry Stein, a retired animator who returns to his old workplace, Joey Drew Studios, and discovers that a machine has destroyed the entire studio and brought certain cartoon characters to life. The game mixes combat with puzzle mechanics.[5] Players explore through a first-person view and have limited physical actions such as running and jumping.[6] Different items can be collected, some of which are required to perform various tasks before proceeding.[7] Cans of bacon soup can also be collected for achievements and to restore Henry's health if he is injured.[8]

Bendy and the Ink Machine

In the year 1963, Henry Stein, co-founder and former animator at Joey Drew Studios, is invited back to the studio by his former friend and business partner, Joey Drew. Henry enters the studio and finds it abandoned and dirtied up with ink splotches everywhere, as well as a mutilated, anthropomorphic figure in the form of Boris the Wolf, one of the studio's characters. Henry discovers that the messy ink was caused by the Ink Machine, a device Joey created after Henry had left which Joey intended to use to create real-life versions of the studio's cartoon characters. Henry fixes and turns on the machine by collecting various objects in a ritualistic fashion: a Bendy doll, a wrench, a record, a book, an ink jar, and a gear. After doing so, Henry goes back to the machine, but is attacked by a demon taking an ink-based form of the studio's mascot, Bendy the Dancing Demon. Henry tries to escape, but when he reaches the door, the floor under him gives way and he falls into the studio's lower levels. Walking on to find an exit, Henry drains out the ink to move forward and finds a room with coffins and a pentagram on the floor, the latter of which he steps on, causing him to hallucinate before passing out.

While six portraits with different pictures are used in-game (seen from the power room where you have to activate the ink machine after collecting all six items), there are actually two other portraits that went unused. One is splattered with ink, and the other blanked with a long stitch.

Henry Stein, a former traditional animator, gets a strange note from an old friend, Joey Drew, that invites him to their old workplace. While there, Henry discovers the ink machine, which apparently powers the place, and decides to activate it. Nothing is as it seems, however. What happened to his old work buddy? Why does Bendy appear to follow him everywhere he goes? And when did these strange occurrences suddenly start?

  • H-M Hallucinations: It's implied that Henry is starting to have these in Chapter Four, as two times, the game suddenly shifts pallette and strange things happen, only to vanish a moment later and for things to return normal. The same visual effects happen when Ink Bendy attacks the Projectionist, but when they stop, both ink monsters are still there (one of them dead), putting into question what was and wasn't real.

  • Hellevator: The ride shown in the "Hell in a Handbasket" poster counts as one.

  • Hell Is That Noise: The audio log in Grant Cohen's office, presumably created by him, consists of screams of pain and horror, that gradually turn into a low, bassy gurgling.

  • Homage: The whole game shows love for traditional black and white animation in the Disney and Fleischer Studios style.

  • Human Resources: While the Ink Machine doesn't strictly need human souls to create living cartoons, sacrificing the studio employees to the ink served to "perfect" them.

  • Hyperactive Metabolism: In Chapter 2, you can replenish your health by eating bacon soups, though who knows what's actually in them.

  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Averted; Henry has no time to reason with Brute Boris or beg him to stop fighting him in Chapter Four. He has to kill Brute Boris in self-defense.

  • Image Song: Alice Angel has one in the form of Lonely Angel/I'll Be Your Angel.

  • Immune to Bullets: Ink Bendy, in Chapter 3.

  • Improvised Weapon: Henry's main weapon in Chapter 3 is a "Gent" pipe, which also comes into play at the end of Chapter 4. If he backtracks in Chapter 4, he may choose to wield a plunger instead of the pipe.

  • Incompetence, Inc.: The way it's been presented so far, Joey Drew's studio was a nightmare to work at. The ever-present, all-encompassing Ink Machine ensured that the place was perpetually loud and covered in ink leaks, the artist's desks were tucked into every corner of the studio, and Drew's outlandish ideas, from the Machine itself to an entire theme park dedicated to Bendy, were so expensive, Grant Cohen actually went insane trying to make the company finances work. However, as by the time Henry arrives, the studio has been defunct for years, if not decades.

  • Invisible Writing: The studio has messages all over its walls. Some of them can't be seen without a special tool that Allison gives Henry.

  • Ironic Nursery Tune: Sammy sings one as he's about to sacrifice Henry to Bendy.

  • The Alice Angel theme song that plays as Henry is introduced to the... real-life version.

  • Jump Scare: Bendy's cardboard cutout appears at random times, though you never see it moving. Except for one time, when it peeks around a corner to look at you. And it happens again in Chapter Two and Chapter Three. All times, they actually seem to be helping, as they do that when you're reaching an area of importance. As of September 28, you can now open the door that's on the left side of Wally Frank's tape now. Guess what suddenly peeks out at you while you are opening it?

  • After you turn on the ink machine, Ink Bendy appears with a Scare Chord, forcing Henry to run.

  • In Chapter 2, you have the appearance of the Searchers, who are quite fond of this. Also, Ink Bendy does this again by the end of the chapter.

  • Chapter 3 has Twisted Alice suddenly slamming her hands against a previously-dark window at the end of her theme song, shrieking at Henry before vanishing.

  • Chapter 4 has several, some of which seem to be hallucinations of Henry's.

  • Justified Save Point: In case anything goes wrong, punch clocks can be used to save your progress.

  • Karmic Death: Sammy is killed in the same way he tried to have Henry killed.

  • Killed Offscreen: Sammy is killed by Bendy behind closed doors, but not out of Henry's earshot. He survives.

  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: If Tom's Cutting the Knot moment is any indication, he's just as sick of the game's frequent Fetch Quests as quite a few players probably are.

  • Let's You and Him Fight: Chapter 4 has Twisted Alice sic Brute Boris on Henry in an attempt to kill him.

  • It's implied that this is why Joey sent Henry to the studio so he can stop Ink Bendy for good.

  • Logical Weakness: Being a cartoon, Ink Bendy is instantly annihilated upon finding out that his show has officially ended.

  • MacGuffin Delivery Service: Henry goes on a bunch of fetch quests for Twisted Alice, in which he retrieves the parts needed for her machines. This allows her to ready them to turn Buddy Boris Brainwashed and Crazy.

  • Mad Scientist: Twisted Alice is conducting experiments on other ink creatures in attempts to "make herself beautiful". In Chapter 4, she even graduates to having a brutish minion of her own creation.

  • Model Museum: The special chapter, The Archives, is one of these. It's set in a museum-like area and contains both the 3D models of all the characters seen across all five chapters of the game, including their beta models. Some of the character models have a sign next to them that have either a brief description of the character or insight on their development.

  • Morton's Fork: In Chapter Three, Henry finds Twisted Alice confronting him. She "persuades" him to become her "errand boy" because her alternative is to tear him apart, or to leave him for the Searchers, Butcher Gang, and Ink Bendy. She also admits that she just might let Henry live long enough to get the items she needs, so at best Henry is buying time before Twisted Alice kills him. Either way Henry is dead.

  • Mysterious Watcher: Ink Bendy seems eager to follow you and watch your actions. And he also seems more proactive than most. The cutouts are sometimes placed near objects or areas of importance. And, as mentioned above, they thrice peer out at you from a corner, seeming to point you in the right direction.

  • In Chapter 2, after you close the ink flow and go through the recording room, if you look up at the projector booth, you can see Bendy's cardboard cutout accompanied by Sammy, both watching you intently, though you won't know who the latter is yet.

  • Chapter 4 is filled with these, as Henry encounters more than a few "ink people". The ones who aren't crying are watching him intently.

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_and_the_Ink_MachineBendy and the Ink Machine is an episodic first person puzzle action horror video game developed by TheMeatly Games. The first chapter of the game was originally released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux on February 10, 2017. The game's first chapter features imagery reminiscent of early animated cartoons, and the player navigates through an animation studio with the objective of activating a large ink machine, solving puzzles in order to do so. 041b061a72


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