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Auto Captcha Solver 3.9

CAPTCHA is designed so that a human could read the text without difficulty, while a machine can not. But on practice this usually does not work, because almost every simple text captcha posted on the site gets cracked after less then several months. Then comes ReCaptcha v2 which is way more complicated, but still it can be bypassed in automatic mode.

auto captcha solver 3.9


While this struggle between captcha makers and captcha solvers seems like endless, different people are interested in automatic captcha solution in order to maintain work of their software. Thats why in this particular article I will show how to crack text captchas using OCR method, as well as how to bypass complex Google ReCaptcha v2 with the help of real people.

You are shown the image and if you are a real person, then you need to enter its text in a separate field. Seems like a good idea that can protect from thousands of automatic registrations for spamming or distributing Viagra on forums, isn't it? The problem is that AI, and in particular image recognition methods, have undergone significant changes and are becoming very effective in certain areas. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) these days is pretty accurate and easily recognizes printed text. So captcha-makers decided to add a little color and lines to captchas to make them more difficult for the computer to solve, but without adding any inconvenience for users. This is a kind of arms race and, as usual, one group comes up with more powerful weapons for every defense made by another group. Defeating such a reinforced captcha is more difficult, but still possible. Plus, the image should remain fairly simple so as not to cause irritation in ordinary people.


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