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Malathi Teacher Full Pdf 12

Malathi Teacher Full PDF 12 - A Review of the Popular Tamil Novel

Malathi Teacher Full PDF 12 - A Review of the Popular Tamil Novel

Malathi Teacher is a Tamil novel written by Venmo 6193, a pseudonym of an anonymous author. The novel is a collection of 12 stories, each featuring a different female teacher named Malathi and her erotic adventures with her students, colleagues, and strangers. The novel is known for its explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and taboo topics, as well as its humorous and witty narration.

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The novel was first published online in 2021 as a PDF file, and soon became a viral sensation among Tamil readers. The novel has been downloaded millions of times, and has also been translated into other languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and English. The novel has also inspired several fan fiction stories, parodies, and adaptations.

In this article, we will review the novel and its 12 stories, and discuss its themes, characters, and impact on Tamil literature and culture.

The 12 Stories of Malathi Teacher

The novel consists of 12 stories, each with a different title and setting. The stories are not connected to each other, except for the common name of the protagonist, Malathi. The stories are as follows:

  • Malathi Teacher - The Beginning: This story introduces Malathi as a young and naive teacher who joins a government school in a remote village. She falls in love with one of her students, Raja, who is also the son of the village headman. Their affair leads to a series of complications and dangers, as they have to face the wrath of Raja's father, the jealousy of Raja's girlfriend, and the lust of other men in the village.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Revenge: This story follows Malathi as she moves to another school in a city after escaping from the village. She meets a handsome and rich businessman named Arun, who proposes to her. However, she soon discovers that Arun is actually the brother of Raja's girlfriend, who wants to take revenge on Malathi for stealing Raja from her. Arun tortures and humiliates Malathi in various ways, until she finds a way to escape from him.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Betrayal: This story shows Malathi as a successful teacher in a prestigious school in Chennai. She has a loyal and loving husband named Karthik, who is also a teacher in the same school. However, she is unaware that Karthik is having an affair with one of his students, Priya, who is also Malathi's best friend. Priya blackmails Karthik into marrying her, and plots to kill Malathi.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Seduction: This story depicts Malathi as a bored and lonely housewife who lives in a luxurious apartment with her husband Rajesh, who is a busy software engineer. She gets attracted to her young and handsome neighbor Vikram, who is also a software engineer. She seduces him and starts an affair with him. However, she soon realizes that Vikram is not what he seems to be.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Experiment: This story portrays Malathi as a curious and adventurous teacher who joins an online dating site for married people. She meets a mysterious man named Suresh, who claims to be a scientist working on a secret project. He invites her to his laboratory, where he reveals that he has invented a device that can swap the minds of two people. He convinces Malathi to try it with him, and they switch bodies for a day.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Transformation: This story features Malathi as a fat and ugly teacher who is ridiculed by everyone in her school. She decides to undergo a cosmetic surgery to change her appearance and become beautiful. She goes to a clinic run by Dr. Kumar, who promises to make her look like a model. However, she soon discovers that Dr. Kumar has a sinister motive behind his offer.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Possession: This story presents Malathi as a devout and pious teacher who works in a Christian convent school. She is respected by everyone for her faith and morals. However, she starts to experience strange phenomena in her life, such as hearing voices, seeing visions, and feeling pain. She realizes that she is possessed by a demon, who wants to use her body for his evil purposes.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Infection: This story describes Malathi as a brave and heroic teacher who volunteers to work in a quarantine zone during a deadly pandemic. She is assigned to a hospital where she takes care of the infected patients. She meets a handsome and kind doctor named Aravind, who is also working in the same hospital. They fall in love and plan to escape from the zone. However, they soon find out that they are infected by the virus, which has a bizarre effect on their bodies.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Abduction: This story narrates Malathi as a smart and savvy teacher who travels to a foreign country for a conference. She is accompanied by her colleague and friend Rani, who is also a teacher. They enjoy their trip and explore the city. However, they are kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers, who want to sell them as sex slaves. They have to use their wits and skills to escape from their captors.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Invasion: This story illustrates Malathi as a fearless and patriotic teacher who joins the army to fight against an alien invasion. She is trained by a tough and strict officer named Major Ravi, who is also her lover. They lead a team of soldiers to attack the alien base and destroy their weapon. However, they face a deadly surprise when they encounter the alien leader.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Revelation: This story reveals Malathi as a powerful and mysterious teacher who is actually an undercover agent working for a secret organization. She has been assigned to infiltrate and expose a cult that is planning to unleash a global catastrophe. She poses as a follower of the cult leader, Guruji, who claims to be the reincarnation of God. She discovers the shocking truth behind Guruji's identity and his plan.

  • Malathi Teacher - The End: This story concludes Malathi's saga as she faces her final challenge. She is summoned by Venmo 6193, the author of the novel, who reveals himself to be her creator and master. He tells her that he has written her life story as a novel, and that he is going to end it soon. He gives her a choice: either she can accept her fate and die peacefully, or she can resist and fight for her freedom.

The Themes of Malathi Teacher

The novel explores various themes such as love, sex, violence, betrayal, revenge, faith, science, fantasy, and destiny. The novel also challenges the stereotypes and norms of society, especially regarding women's sexuality and agency. The novel portrays Malathi as a strong and independent woman who does not conform to the expectations of others, and who pursues her own desires and passions. The novel also depicts the dark and cruel aspects of human nature, such as greed, lust, jealousy, hatred, and violence.

The Characters of Malathi Teacher

The novel has a large cast of characters, each with their own personality and role in the story. The main character is Malathi, who is the protagonist of all the stories. She is portrayed as a beautiful, intelligent, courageous, and sensual woman who faces various challenges and adventures in her life. She is also shown to have different facets and emotions, such as innocence, curiosity, anger, sadness, fear, joy, and love.

The other characters are mostly the men who are involved with Malathi in some way or another. They are either her lovers, enemies, friends, or mentors. Some of them are Raja, Arun, Karthik, Vikram, Suresh, Dr. Kumar, Major Ravi, Guruji, and Venmo 6193. They are depicted as complex and diverse individuals who have their own motives and goals.

The Impact of Malathi Teacher

The novel has had a huge impact on Tamil literature and culture. It has been praised by many readers and critics for its originality, creativity, humor, and style. It has also been criticized by some for its vulgarity, violence, and blasphemy. The novel has sparked many debates and discussions among the public about various issues such as morality, sexuality, religion, freedom of expression, and censorship.

The novel has also influenced many other writers and artists who have created their own works based on or inspired by Malathi Teacher. Some examples are:

  • Malathi Teacher 2: This is a sequel to the original novel, written by Venmo 6193 himself. It continues the story of Malathi and her encounters with new and old characters. It also reveals more secrets and mysteries about Malathi's origin and destiny.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Movie: This is a film adaptation of the novel, directed by Selvaraghavan and starring Nayanthara as Malathi. The movie follows the plot of the first story, Malathi Teacher - The Beginning, and adds some changes and twists. The movie was a blockbuster hit and received critical acclaim for its bold and realistic portrayal of rural life and romance.

  • Malathi Teacher - The Web Series: This is a web series based on the novel, produced by Netflix and starring Samantha Akkineni as Malathi. The web series covers all the 12 stories of the novel, with each episode focusing on one story. The web series was praised for its high production quality and faithful adaptation of the novel.

Malathi Teacher - The Game: This is a video game inspired by the novel, developed by


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