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Enjoy the Best Sushi Experience with My Sushi Story APK Mod

At the first stage, with a modest business capital, you only have a small Sushi shop on the roadside. It serves some basic sushi dishes according to the common needs of people in the neighborhood. But the quality of the food cannot be underestimated because you are a talented Sushi chef by nature. With each customer who comes to the restaurant, you need to carefully ask what the request is, follow the instructions of the customer, use your skillful hands to pick up the ingredients and make a delicious sushi plate right. Customers will gladly pay, sometimes even a tip. They are the first guests who also help spread the news about a delicious quality Sushi shop to future customers.

My Sushi Story is a game with an extremely appealing cooking theme that turns you into a restaurant owner to create new recipes and intensify Japanese dishes. Players will go through a series of unique missions and hire more staff to assist them. Now is your chance to demonstrate your management skills by owning the most famous sushi restaurant in town.

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As a sushi restaurant owner, you need to constantly expand your business, increase the number of customers and profit. There are plenty of tasks and challenges waiting for you in the game, such as winning food competitions, getting restaurant ratings, upgrading and renovating the restaurant, etc.

First of all, you need to develop various new Japanese dishes including sushi, sashimi, grilled fish, ramen, etc. in order to attract more customers. Each dish needs to be carefully planned and developed. You can improve the quality and taste of the dishes by constantly trying and improving them, or you can exchange innovative dishes with other chefs.

In short, in My Sushi Story, you will play the role of a real restaurant owner, facing various challenges and opportunities, and through your own efforts and wisdom, you will continue to improve the quality and service level of the restaurant to realize your dream and make your grandmother's wish come true. Join the world of My Sushi Story and start your sushi restaurant business journey!

A bright, fun and extremely addictive simulator game for Android devices that will allow you to escape from everyday routine and immerse yourself in a small but very cozy world of the art of cooking sushi. In My Sushi Story for Android you will play the role of the owner of a small sushi house, where you have to develop various dishes, make sales plans, ea a reputation for quality snack bar, to attract new visitors and delight regular customers with delicious dishes. But, you also have to work with staff, purchase products and even expand your restaurant chain.

My Sushi Story is not only about running a business, but also about cooking delicious Asian food, where you can realize yourself as a great sushi chef, creating new recipes and adding to the best of them. You can download the simulator for android for free and choose several ways to run a business, according to your play style, manage all aspects of the business, hire staff, improve the quality of food and, of course, develop the restaurant by purchasing new equipment and decorating interior for eaed bonuses when completing tasks.

Running your own sushi restaurant in My Sushi Story MOD APK is sure to bring a lot of fun. Here, you will quickly become a talented boss with the task of satisfying every customer that comes to your sushi restaurant. Will you focus on tapping into traditional sushi varieties or creating creative combinations?

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The sushi shop is in dire need of your help to quickly grow and attract more customers. Join My Sushi Story from the publisher LifeSim now to start your executive job. In fact, this is a Japanese-style sushi restaurant business simulation game.

We believe that in reality there are a lot of people who want to try running a sushi shop but have no experience as well as some other barriers. Therefore, the appearance of My Sushi Story will help you have the best overview of running a sushi restaurant. In this game, you will take on the role of a restaurant owner, running all activities from cooking to serving customers.

Basically, the way to play this game is not too different from other simulation games. All players need to do is greet customers, listen and record their requests, and then go into the kitchen to create amazing sushi dishes to satisfy their requests. Remember to clear the table after the guests have finished their food and are ready to welcome the next guests.

The element of spending management in My Sushi Story is extremely important and directly affects the development of the restaurant. In the initial phase, players are only offered a certain amount of money. Therefore, you cannot hire employees, so try to complete the tasks by yourself. When the number of visitors is stable, the revenue will also increase. At this point, you can consider using the profit to hire more waiters and chefs. Over time, your sushi restaurant will be more staffed and able to serve more customers at a time.

This game is not limited to only sushi making but also offers the opportunity to make a variety of other Japanese dishes and even dishes from around the world. You can diversify the menu at the restaurant with the appearance of pork katsu, ramen, tempura, wagyu beef, sashimi, udon, and even premium foie gras. Each dish not only brings joy in terms of taste but also serves as a bridge between you and your customers.

The graphic quality of My Sushi Story will make players feel familiar from the very beginning. Accordingly, this game offers details with a simple design, accompanied by a unique color scheme that will surely give you a vivid feeling when enjoying. Moreover, the interface in the game displays in the form of a vertical screen. As a result, you can easily access the tasks and requirements throughout the sushi restaurant management process.

Overall, My Sushi Story is ready to take you on an exciting journey into the diverse culinary world through exciting sushi restaurant management activities. This is the time when you have to make complex recipes, improve your restaurant management skills, and see satisfied customers enjoying the dishes you prepare.

My Sushi Story MOD is an extremely interesting sushi restaurant management simulation game. Players will play the role of a sushi chef and must manage a sushi restaurant of their own. During the game, players will have to perform various jobs such as choosing ingredients, preparing food, serving customers, and managing staff.

The game My Sushi Story provides players with unique features, including designing and decorating their own restaurant, expanding and developing the company, improving culinary and management skills. While playing, players also have their chances to discover new sushi recipes and learn new skills from professional sushi chefs.

To achieve the highest achievement in the game My Sushi Story MOD, players have to complete different tasks and overcome challenging levels. These missions will get more and more difficult as players progress to new levels. To pass the levels, players need to take advantage of quick thinking, time management skills, and concentration to prepare and prepare delicious and perfect sushi dishes for customers. If players overcome the challenges, they will level up and unlock new levels and missions, and achieve the highest achievement in the game.

In the game My Sushi Story MOD, players can expand and improve their restaurant by purchasing more furniture, decorations, utensils, and equipment. These objects will help players improve the quality of their services and create a more impressive space for customers to enjoy sushi dishes.

With shopping and updating new furniture, players can customize and design their restaurant to their liking. For example, players can choose tables and chairs, glass cabinets or pictures that match the style of the restaurant. At the same time, new utensils such as high-quality knives, bowls and forks will help players cook and serve sushi dishes more beautifully and better.

In My Sushi Story, players will be included in the process of preparing and preparing sushi and other food dishes to serve their customers. The game provides players with a variety of ingredients and many recipes to create unique and attractive dishes. Customers will require different dishes, so players will have to choose the right ingredients and trim them to the right shape and size to create the most beautiful and attractive sushi dishes.

My Sushi Story provides players with the feature to connect with friends and opponents through various social networks, creating an exciting social gaming environment. Players can participate in tournaments and competitions to challenge their sushi processing skills and prove excellence. Moreover, players can also join the My Sushi Story community, share experiences and seek help from other players, to develop their skills and achieve the highest achievement.

My Sushi Story is a real-time game about sushi preparation, so it is designed to be suitable for all ages, especially those who love food, curiosity and creativity. However, to ensure a safe and age-appropriate gaming experience for kids, the minimum age to play this game is 13 years old.

My Sushi Story MOD at LMHMOD is a sushi restaurant business simulation game, allowing players to experience the processing of sushi dishes and managing their restaurants. The game has beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay, and offers many attractive social features for players to connect with friends and challenge their skills. However, the game also has some weaknesses such as rapidly increasing difficulty and requiring players to invest a lot of time and effort to develop their restaurant. Overall, My Sushi Story is an entertaining game and worth trying for those who love food and business.

The My Sushi Story is an amazing sushi restaurant simulation game where players build their restaurant of a variety of delicious food and expand their business of the food, and the main dish is sushi which is the first dish that helps you to start your business and will bring you happiness for those players who have the dream of becoming the great businessman of the restaurant, and this game is developed by the LifeSim that has more than 500k downloads.


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