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Kona Big Wave Beer Where To Buy

Despite the bottle imagery that hints at Hawaiian origin, nothing on the packaging makes it clear as to where the beer is actually brewed. According to the company's website, the fifth-largest U.S. craft brewer makes beer at facilities in New Hampshire, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington state-- and any beer sold in the upper 48 is brewed at one of these facilities.

kona big wave beer where to buy

Business was tough for the first few years trying to get noticed by natives and tourists in Hawaii even though they were the only brewery on the islands. Even with tough business they still were determined to become a popular brand and opened Kailua-Kona Pub in 1998, a brew pub where they serve traditional island dishes and Kona beer. Finally, with the brew pub, they started to get recognition and started to turn a profit. 041b061a72


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