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Nettwerk Digital Marketing In The Music Industry Pdf Downloadl

Advertising & Brand Experience (March 10-14)Examine the current and future thinking on strategies to engage audiences through traditional, digital and experiential marketing practices. These sessions are geared towards agencies and organizations that want to better understand new ways of connecting with their communities.

Nettwerk Digital Marketing In The Music Industry Pdf Downloadl

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The difficulty for small labels is that many of the bigger retailers require music to be supplied already digitised, in their preferred format. Napster uses WMA files, whereas iTunes sells downloads in their own AAC format. You may find it quicker and easier to get a digital distributor or DRM company to do your encoding and deliver your metadata for you.

Rough Trade, the consummate bricks-and-mortar indie retailer and label, have expanded into the digital content business, offering music in MP3 format, free of DRM. Since 2006, recordings have been encoded at 320kbps, so sound quality is very good. Single track prices start at 99p per download, and albums are priced between 6.99 and 7.99. Rough Trade ( sells predominantly left-field rock and electronica, and offers music aficionados such goodies as limited-edition digital runs and obscure artists harvested from all corners of the globe.


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